The Mixed Age Grouping Class (toddler)

General Information

Toddlers will learn in their environement; how to function as a group while moving around the room.  We believe that creating a stimulating environment will promote exploration and inquiry allowing us to spend more time engaging in dialogue and documentation of the chidren's activities.

Tuesdays are Gym Days, Thursdays are our Chef Program and Creative Days (the creative shelf is offered to the children where they will have an opportunity to practice, cutting, gluing, painting and writing).

The following activities will be offered to the children daily: play-dough, waterplay, sandplay, and dramatic play to mention a few.

 At Peter Pan we will pave the way to reading, listening and teaching children to exercise self-control and become aware of their own actions.  Chidren, with the help of the ECE's and Program Assistants, will be supported to develop relationships using materials that call upon them to be mindful and respectful in their environment. 

In the end we hope to create a setting that invites investigation, conversation, and collaboration.  We can learn from how children respond to life, materials, friends, and events.  The work in the classroom is very liberating as we take a disciplined approach to refelction and inquiry.