General Information

The past 3 years the school has been in the process of transforming the school from a Structured Program to a play-based Emergent Program.

The school has worked closely with a consultant who has gently assisted us with this transformation. We now all enjoy a seamless day with very little transitioning, reducing the number of conflicts that normally accompany a Structured Program. We have added a Cooking Program, Martial Arts Program, Music Program & Yoga Program.

The preschool program sees your child as competent and capable prepares your child for Junior Kindergarten Self-regulation is very important for children to be able to deal with tasks and temptations that they are confronted with every day.

Mondays are generally what we call Gym days and play days however on Wednesdays and Fridays we offer the children a variety of activities such as painting, gluing, cutting, playdough, and water play only to mention a few.

The children will have access to activities designed to develop certain skills, other activities will include a collection of beautiful junk items that will allow the children to create what they wish using those materials.

We children the opportunity to develop their language, social, physical and cognitive skills using our open-ended materials. Our program will invite children to investigate, imagine, think, create, solve problems and make meaning from their experiences.

We try to give the children long periods of uninterupted play with few transitions in order for us to focus more fully on observing, interacting, and extending children's learning and development.

Journal Books for Documentation

Each child will have their own journal book, we will put all of the creative works into the book.

The journal books become a journey of your child's year at Peter Pan Preschool and will be given to parents on graduation day. Periodically the Journal Books will be put out in the hallway for the Parents to view, however they are kept in the classroom and can be accessed at any time by the parents or children.


The preschool class will go on one trip per month.

Trips give children opportunities to expericence nature and our community enhancing the children's sense of wonder and joy in the world around them. Connecting them to the world contributes to the children's mental, physical,emotional, spiritual health and well-being.

Our mode of transportation will either be the city bus, or parents will drive their child to the specified location.

This year we will visit the Library, Home Depot, Soccer World, Dyments Farm & Pumpking Patch, Sherwood Bowling,Royal Botanical Gardens, Twin Valley Petting Zoo, and Dundas Driving Park


We will try to get together each day to sing songs, play a game, or listen to a story that the early childhood educator has selected for the children.