Our facilities are tailored to meet your child's learning needs.

Our open-concept classroom and gymnasium encourages the children to explore activities which interest them. Some examples of these activities are:


  • Sensory play table
  • Reading center
  • Water and sand play area
  • Puzzles and quiet area
  • Dramatic play
  • Play dough table
  • Craft area
  • Gross Motor Climber Aparatus
  • Snack Tables


Our Gym is in the upper level of the Church and has had a complete makeover in the fall of 2013 thanks to a grant from the City of Hamilton. We now have new tunnels, trikes, tractors, buggies, bins full of balls, bean bags,cones, new hockey equipment, work bench, basketball nets, and slides. The children call it GYM DAY and has become the most exciting day of the week.