About Us

Peter Pan Preschool offer parents the opportunity to be involved in their child's education.

Family involvement in early childhood settings benefits children (Weiss et al., 2006) and multiplies children's opportunities for learning. Peter Pan was founded in the fall of 1958 and it was the first of its kind in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Today it continues to provide a program that supports children's opportunities to learn best through play, exploring the world and interacting with adults and peers. It has a reputation for excellence!

We are committed to offering many means of communication and collaboration between families, children and staff.

  • In class observations
  • Zoom Meetings
  • Remind App updates and personal messages
  • Telephone Conferencing
  • After hours in person meetings available upon request

Peter Pan is a place where parents and children can go to school together.

We are a dedicated co-operative where all parents are involved in some aspect of the school's operation. The parents operate the school in partnership with certified Early Childhood Educators and Program Assistants.

Parents are given the option of taking part in the classroom.  The New Child Care and Early Years Act 2015 requires anyone who works in the classroom to show proof of good health (including TB test, vaccination requirements), as well as proof of a Vunerable Sector Check..

Parents also participate on a committe that supports the operation and maintenance of the school.  The committement of time to the committee work is very flexible and includes choices such as making play-dough, library book duty, laundry, family events, etc.

Co-operative Preschools


  • I wanted to enroll my son in a preschool program, but was hesitant because of the expense (I was on maternity leave with my younger daughter and did not want to have to pay regular child care costs when I was at home). When I learned that my son could attend Peter Pan for less than $100/month, it was a perfect fit! My son got to enjoy an exceptional program two days a week, and while he was at "his school," I was able to enjoy one on one time with my new baby. Peter Pan has been wonderful for my child. I am constantly amazed at all he is learning. He can hardly wait for "preschool days!"

    Josiah's Mom - Leanne Friesen
  • We enrolled our daughter in Peter Pan Preschool when she was two years old and it has been a fantastic experience. We have seen a marked improvement in her social skills and her confidence over the two years she has been attending. She has a great time every day and there are always lots of fun activities, crafts, trips, and events planned throughout the year. I know that the skills and confidence she has gained in preschool will help her when she starts junior kindergarten in the fall. Her little brother will be starting at Peter Pan next year as well and I look forward to seeing him learn and grow in the encouraging, supportive, educational, and fun environment that Peter Pan Preschool provides.

    Mackenzie's Mom - Grace Baldwin