Mrs J. Jennings

Teacher, Assistant Supervisor

Mrs Jayne Jennings is an RECE and is so excited to work at Peter Pan! Mrs Jennings also studied acting in New York and believes very strongly in the importance of the arts in the lives of children and is very happy to work in such an inspiring and creative preschool. Mrs. Jennings lives in Hamilton with her husband, daughter Sarah and dog Charley.

Mrs B. Marcy

Teacher, Supervisor

Mrs. Marcy is an RECE and had the pleasure of watching her own children, Logan and Lily, develop and enjoy their time at Peter Pan Preschool while she worked as a Member of the Board of Directors for 4 years. Once her children graduated from Peter Pan Preschool, Mrs. Marcy took on a full time position as a teacher at the preschool and continues to enjoy to be a part of this preschool and it's always evolving emergent curriculum.

Mrs. Marcy and Mrs. Jennings run our classes seamlessly. They use the Ministry approved play-based curriculum to effectively develop the children's skills based on their interests. Using the "How Learning Happens" document, outlined by the Province of Ontario, we can better meet the needs of the children and allow them to make their own choices as both the Teachers and parents help to guide them through play. At Peter Pan Preschool we engage the children with various activity centres, stories, songs, and play to captivate the children and to help promote early learning. Our Teachers have a gentle way of connecting the children to the task at hand, and are naturally sensitive to each child's unique learning styles and needs.

It is obvious that our Teachers are good at what they do; it is reflected in the happiness of the children who attend Peter Pan Preschool!