• by Brandi Marcy

  • 10/9/2017


At Peter Pan Co-operative Preschool we take great pride and enjoyment in watching the children as they are immersed in play with their peers and engaged in the various activities offered at our school.  The Teachers work hard to ensure that whatever the children are involved in their is discussion and enquiry as to their play.

 Our Chef offers ensures that the children are experiencing the program with all of their senses.  In our most frequent recipe of Pumpkin Maple Popcorn the children were able to compare and discuss the process that corn goes through in cooking.

 Our Music Teacher engageges the children with so much energy and enthusiasm the children can't help but to be in awe of her fabulous lessons.  The children are thrilled clap, sing and dance along with Suzie Sunshine!

 Our ECE's ensure that the toys and activities within the classroom encourage skill development and joy.  The Teacher's watch and listen as the children are engaged to properly interpret their intention and interest.